William Warren

In Honor of William Warren William Warren, an American by birth now living in Thailand for decades, first arrived by ship in 1960.

For 30 years he was a lecturer at the prestigious Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and became a renowned author and landscape designer.

Mr. Warren has written over 50 books about Thailand ranging from gardening and cooking to arts and crafts. He has written several acclaimed books about Thai history and architectural design. His criteria before starting a new book project was that he accomplished well by someone else.

Although there are many books now about Thai houses, tropical gardens, crafts and cooking one can find that the numerous books written by Mr. Warren since 1969 started the trend. Bestsellers upon their publication, they still are fresh and original today, available in most bookstores in Thailand.

One of his most famous books Jim Thompson: The Unresolved Mystery, is a biography of the man who revived the Thai Silk industry. Jim Thompson befriended Mr. Warren upon his arrival in Bangkok and the two remained friends until Mr. Thompson’s mysterious disappearance in the Cameron Highland in Malaysia.

A passionate gardener, William Warren has authored 6 books about tropical gardens and has designed exclusive gardens for private residences throughout Thailand. Over twenty years ago Mr. Warren was asked by his good friend Mom Luang Tri Devakul to design the grounds at his personal vacation home, Villa Royale.

Lush, tropical and nature it is still the same garden today that is enjoyed by many at Mom Tri’s Villa Royale.