Kitchen Western Dinner

For a luxurious and unparalleled tropical dining experience. Mom Tri’s Kitchen, at Villa Royale. To guarantee the quality and services, this restaurant won many awards, including “Award of Excellence” from Wine Spectator Magazine and “Travelers’ Choice” from TripAdvisor.

The menu is a presentation of Mediterranean and Thai flavored delights that have been created by our 2 Chefs :
1 Chef Darren Wiper has over 20 years experience working in fine dining restaurants, hotels & cruise ships around the world. He is passionate about delivering an dishes with a modern twist & cooking techniques, influenced by the globalization of food trends.
2 Chef Sura Putha, as well with over 20 years experience cooking in Fine Dining restaurant, 5 star hotels. He is a professional on international and Thai fusion dishes.

And as well our menu features the inspiration dishes from our Guests Chefs, such as the Michelin Star Chef Henri Charvet,  the Best Female Chef Johanna Maier, Michelin Star Chef Gerard Royant.  And definitely from the private recipe of our owner M.L. Tri Devakul.

The recommended starters, is from our owner M.L. Tri’s private recipe,  Hot Crab Soufflé (baked crab meat soufflé flavored with spices).  The warm soft tasty soufflé with fresh blue crab meat will make you feel like the ocean is melting in your mouth.